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Plustherm in Austria is an established manufacturer of medium-frequency induction heating systems with a power of 5 - 350kW and looks back on 50 years of company history. Originally known under the name BBC / ABB for the construction of rotating converters, as well as HF and MF induction generators, the division of the two companies resulted in Plustherm in Switzerland and the associated branch in Austria with the main focus on induction heating systems.
In the 1990s, the branch in Austria was renamed into an independent company, Plustherm Gesellschaft m.b.H. In order to maintain the partnership relationship with Plustherm in Switzerland and the associated recognition value, the name Plustherm continued to exist. In 2019 the management changed due to the retirement of the previous shareholder.

The main areas of application of our systems are forging applications, hardening and melting of metals, brazing and soldering, as well as surface heating e.g. 1x1m and heating in a continuous process.

The main customers of our systems are in the tooling industry, the automotive industry, as well as mechanical engineering and the heavy and forging industries.
We look forward to your inquiry and are happy to assist you with our expertise from the inquiry to the installation.


Heat treatment

Inductive heating can be used when metals are to be heat treated. This is possible with materials such as iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel or brass as well as with all other electrically conductive elements. The heating is generated by the electromagnetic field of the induction coil in the workpiece itself, contact-free.




In order to be able to join two workpieces such as: shaft, gear wheel, unbalanced mass, etc., the process of shrinking is used. The principle of thermal expansion of metals is fundamental.

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In inductive forging, induction heating is used to bring the component to be forged as quickly and evenly as possible to the required forging temperature.

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Metals can be joined with one another using the various brazing processes such as sodering, brazing and high-temperature soldering.

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Testing technology

Induction heating can also be found in science and material testing technology. For example, metals are heated in scientific experiments in order to then subject them to mechanical loads.

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