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Soldering and brazing

Metals can be joined with one another using the various brazing processes such as sodering, brazing and high-temperature soldering. Induction brazing is used due to its special adaptability of induction heating when there is poor accessibility and a high level of reproduction is desired. The inductive heating and brazing filler materials make it possible to combine and connect ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic materials with each other. Inductive brazing is suitable for being carried out automatically, which is particularly relevant for serial production. However, our systems can also be used for manual brazing processes.


Advantages of induction brazing with induction heating:

  • quick operational readiness
  • high economic feasibility with higher quantities
  • constant brazing quality
  • no energy costs during idle time
  • no abrasive wear parts
  • very quick and precise brazing process possible

Soldering process


  • Temperatures up to 450 °C
  • mainly Sn and Pb based solders
  • Use of additional flux


  • Temperatures up to 900 °C
  • mainly silver, copper-phosphorus, brass and aluminum alloys
  • (general) use of additional flux

High temperature brazing

  • Temperatures from 900 °C
  • mainly copper and nickel based brazing alloys
  • Brazing under protective gas or in a vacuum